Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

Tier III Uniform and Equipment Items

By now, you should have all of the Tier I and II items and are ready to start Tier III. This Tier will encompass the last things you need for your impression

Issue Items

Preferred Vendors

Kar98k- Standard rifle. Must be German wartime model. NO FOREIGN COPIES.

Reinigungsgerat 34- Kar98k cleaning kit. Original ones preferred. Postwar allowed case by case basis.

Rucksack- Backpack model 1931.

Ammo Can- Period correct ammo can. This is for practical purposes as you can store your ammo in it. No Bundeswehr cans. Yugoslavian cans allowed.

Lanterns- You will be required to have two (2) period correct kerosene lanterns in your possession. This is how we will light up our camp at night.

Winteranzug- Padded winter uniform, pants and jacket in splinter camo.

Gunbroker, Gun Show, Gun Stores

Contact A.O. or others for help

Ebay/ Militaria Shows

At The Front (Reproductions)

Ebay/Militaria Shows

Ebay/ Militaria Shows

Panther Store (If you can find them)

At The Front (When in stock)