Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

Tier III Uniform and Equipment Items

Tier III, below, are the uniforms that we want as a unit, for example, the service dress uniform. The Service Dress Uniform is what the unit uses to represent the early war German Army and can be used as your basic 'walking out' uniform, although it is not exactly the purpose of the Service Uniform. Listed below are only items that are different than what you can find in the Tier I and Tier II Items. To find a complete list of what you need for these three types of uniforms, click the highlighted uniform names. 

CAP (FELDMUTZE)- M1934 with white soutache and correct pre/early war cockade and eagle.

TUNIC (FELDBLUSE)M1934,M1935, or M1936 with correct pre-war/ early war insignia (No embroidered breast eagles). Bottle green BeVo breast eagles, Infantry litzen (backed). (Bottle green triangular shoulder boards provided through unit)…Tunics are tricky to get right. There are many out there, but few come close. If you can, buy right the first time. It may cost you more but your tunic will either make or break an impression. Tunics from On The March or At The Front "Texled" tunics* are highly encouraged if you can afford them. Panther Store tunics are encouraged for those on a budget. Lost Battalions tunics are acceptable ONLY if you are 5'6" or shorter due to pattern issues. At The Front's line of tunics that run for $140 (not their $100 Sturm tunics) are encouraged for those on a budget as they are mostly 'Texled' patterned, just not in the same quality. 

*Sturm, Gavin Militaria, Spearhead, Hessen Antique, AntZ, and any other tunic manufacturer not listed on the right are not approved for wear in the unit. No exceptions.

TROUSERS (FELDHOSEN)-Stone Gray straight leg Trousers (M37)

SERVICE SHIRT (HEMD)-White collarless early war service shirt

FOOTWEAR (SCHUHZEUG)- M1939 Marching Boots (MARSCHSTIEFEL) Again another item to get right the first time and an item that is hardly reproduced well. If you do not buy the best the first time on anything else, make sure this is the item you do buy the best on. 


Sports Shirt

Sports Shorts

Sports Shoes

Drill Jacket

Drill Trousers