Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

Tier II Uniform and Equipment Items 

The way we have set up the Tier system to work is as follows: 1. Basic Uniform and combat gear load. 2. Extra equipment to finish off combat load as well as Winter gear. 3. Alternate impressions such as the Sports Uniform, Drill Uniform, and Dress Uniform. 

We have designed it this way so that you, the new recruit, can get the absolute essentials first so you can get to the field as soon as possible.

The Tier system follows our main Westfront Impression (1944-1945), the  3./Pz.Gren.Rgt.60./116.Pz.Div. as it is most common event you will attend. The Tiered items in I and II will also work for our late war Ostfront Impression (1943- 1945) as most gear and uniforms were identical on either front.

Uniforms, Headgear, etc.

COLLAR BAND (KRAGENBINDE)-For those with collarless service shirts.

SWEATER (SCHLUPFJACKE)- Early war V-neck, crew neck type, or turtle neck okay. Reproductions or post war variants okay. If in doubt about any post war sweater, ask the Authenticity Officer.

GLOVES (HANDSCHUHE)- Can have the white rings or can be a civilian type model.


At The Front

On The March

Schuster (makes the best ones seen so far)


At The Front

Field Gear

ZELTBAHN - Original or Reproduction. No Sturm replicas. At The Front has excellent reproductions that are preferred.

ZELTBAHN ACCESSORIES (Consists of: 3 poles, 1 rope, and 4 pins.) Ideally 4 men with 4 Zeltbahns would come together and split a tent and would put their kit together. This may not happen on the field always in reenacting so it would be wise just to have the entire kit. You can find post war poles or originals...they are identical. 

GAS MASK (GAS MASKEN)- Rubber or Cloth mask.


SPORK- Original or Reproductions. (‘Officer’ Cutlery sets NOT allowed).

GAS CAPE BAG- Original or Reproduction. Vit Zemanek on eBay has been able to reproduce a beautiful copy of the gas cape itself, but that is not a necessary item. It is suggested that you purchase an original, but you do not absolutely have to.

BLANKET (MANNSCHAFTSDECKEN)- Reproduction or Post War variant. Most reproductions are okay and there are some post war (or even WWII blankets from other countries like Italy) that are acceptable.

K98 CLEANING KIT (REINIGUNGSGERӒT 34)- Original or pre-war kits. ABSOLUTELY NO POST WAR KITS ALLOWED. Originals can be found for under $50 on eBay in various conditions.

Winter Uniform (Winteranzug)

GREATCOAT (MANTEL) - M1936,  M1940. *At The Front is supposedly making new Mantels on top of their new semi-texled uniform line. The list will be updated accordingly! Every member needs to have a greatcoat as every German soldier was issued one.

PARKA SET (WINTERANZUG)- Mouse gray, Splinter, or Sumpf patterns allowed. Should have suspenders with the parka trousers. Buy in matching sets as modern research is showing that is how they were issued.* Absolutely no Sturm poly-filled parkas allowed. This is not a required item, but highly recommended for our later war events as they are, well, warm! 

*Winteranzug Article

Misc. Articles


Both the Soldbuch and I.D. Disk will be issued by the unit. 

The person who fills out Soldbuchs for Cyrus Lee's website is in our unit so he can offer you a discount.