Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

Tier I Uniform and Equipment Items

The way we have set up the Tier system to work is as follows: 1. Basic Uniform and combat gear load. 2. Extra equipment to finish off combat load as well as Winter gear. 3. Alternate impressions such as the Sports Uniform, Drill Uniform, and Dress Uniform. 

We have designed it this way so that you, the new recruit, can get the absolute essentials first so you can get to the field as soon as possible.

The Tier system follows our main Westfront Impression (1944-1945), the  3./Pz.Gren.Rgt.60./116.Pz.Div. as it is most common event you will attend. The Tiered items in I and II will also work for our late war Ostfront Impression (1943- 1945) as most gear and uniforms were identical on either front.

The way we have set up the Tier system to work is as follows: 1. Basic Uniform and essential gear. 2. The rest of the combat equipment as well as tentage. 3. Extra clothing such as winter clothing and gear that will make your experience more comfortable.

We have designed it this way so that you, the new rekrut or member, can get the absolute essentials first so you can get to the field as soon as possible.

The Tier system follows our main Westfront Impression (1944-1945), the 3./Pz.Gren.Rgt.60./116.Pz.Div. as it is the most common event you will attend. The Tiered items in I and II will also work for our late war Ostfront Impression (1943- 1945) as most gear and uniforms were identical on either front.

You, the new member, will have eight (8) months from the time you are voted in as a member to acquire all Tier 1 items, 16 months to acquire the Tier 2 items, and 24 months to acquire the Tier 3 items. There is a limited amount of gear available to borrow, and you, the new member, are obligated to free-up the extra gear as soon as possible.

The vendors listed beside the items are the only approved Kampfgruppe-Steiner vendors that are still in business. If you find a used item from a vendor not listed, ask the unit Authenticity Officer if it is approved for use. Otherwise, if the vendor is still in business and is not listed, it is NOT permitted for use within the unit!

Issue Item

Schnürschuhe- M1937 low boots (dyed black). One of the single most important and highest priority items on this list. One can NOT cheap-out on this item and must buy right the first time. Cheaper boots WILL fall apart on you in the field and are also inauthentic and not allowed within the unit. No single sole or m42 boots are allowed in the unit.

This item will almost always require custom shoe-making which can take up to 8 months to produce. You, the new member, are required to order a pair of boots by your first event as a full-voting member.

Gamaschen- Ankle gaiters for the boots.

Socken- Any period correct German Military wool socks will work (ask Authenticity Officer before purchasing). 2 pairs are required, but we recommend 3 or 4.

Keilhosen- M1943 field pants. These pants are baggier than the standard straight leg pants and have cuffs around the ankles and have ties to keep tight around the feet. There is no need to break the bank over authenticity on pants, but we do want members to have good quality.

Hosentrager- Trouser suspenders. Any period correct CIVILIAN suspenders are allowed. There were NO “military issue” suspenders, so they must be civilian. The green, post war, Czech army suspenders seen on many vendors websites are NOT allowed! Ask authenticity officer for approved suspenders

Unterwäsche- underwear. Long underwear was the norm, however, as we are in Texas any period correct white or off-white boxer shorts are allowed. Some vendors manufacture period style underwear, and are permitted, as are period correct button fly modern white boxers (non colorful). 3 pairs are required.

Diensthemd- Standard issue collared grey knit service shirt, with or without pockets. Sleeves must be tailored or rolled just enough to be hidden under the Feldbluse sleeves if they are too long. Exposed shirt sleeves were not common for the Germans. Just about every vendor sells these and most of them are approved, ask the Authenticity officer before purchase. Post war bundeswehr service shirts are also allowed. For most reproductions changing out buttons will be necessary.

Feldbluse- Aside from the boots, this item is one of the most important parts to your uniform! The Field Blouse can make or break your impression authenticity wise, so careful attention is needed when purchasing this blouse. Only models 1942 and 1943 are accepted to start. As this is the most important part of your look, we are very strict on where you can purchase it from. Many vendors that are no longer in business have made great uniforms in the past, so if you stumble upon them, ask the Authenticity Officer if they are acceptable. Waffenfarbe on the shoulder straps must be the Panzergrenadier grass green. Worn with the Brustadler, Kragenspiegel, Schulterklappen, and belt hooks. These must either fit within our criteria (see our “tunic proper fit” article) or be tailored a certain way.

Feldbluse NOT ACCEPTED from: Hessen Antique, Hikishop, reww2, epic militaria, Zib militaria, chinese ebay sellers, Lost Battalions (newer made uniforms are bad, old ones OK if under 5’ 6”).

Brustadler- Breast eagle insignia, 4th pattern subdued for M42 or M43 Feldbluse. High quality or original insignia only.

Kragenspiegel- Collar litzen insignia. High quality or original insignia only.

Feldmutze- Fieldcap M1943 or M42/M43 conversion. The standard issue field cap with front bill. Must be high quality and have good or original insignia.

Koppel mit Koppelschloss- black leather belt and belt buckle. You will need a belt which is made of high quality leather. Most vendors have belts with crummy leather that usually snaps after a couple of uses. The belt buckle must also be a high quality still buckle painted feldgrau (Field Grey). Custom buckle painting might be necessary, consult with A.O.

Seitengewehr mit Tasche- Bayonet with leather frog. No matter the uniform, you will always wear your bayonet. Your bayonet must be an original German one with either wood or bakelite grips. The frog is needed to keep the bayonet on the belt.

Kochgeschirr- standard mess kit. Originals or identical unmarked post war models! Must be in good (usable) condition. We eat authentically at every event and you need to be able to eat out of something.

Spork- standard spork. Original or any collapsible ww2 spoon/fork reproduction will work. You need to be able to eat with something, so this is important!

Feldflasche- Canteen model 1931. We drink water authentically at every event and it is critical that you do too. Bring your own canteen and then you won't have to borrow one. We recommend that you get an original or post war flask and felt cover, and use repro leather straps and cup. You must paint the cup the proper green color! There are currently no high quality reproduction canteen sets so piecing together is the alternative.

Brotbeutel- Bread bag. Essentially, the ww2 German version of a 24 hour bag, or butt-pack. This small bag holds all of your daily essentials such as your cleaning kit, food, and other personal items. This is also how you attach you canteen and mess kit to your belt.

Mantel- Standard Fieldgrey overcoat model 1940 or 1942 with Panzergrenadier shoulder straps. An overcoat is essential and required for anyone at an event. Even in summer time, it can get cold at an event. Many vendors sell sturm overcoats including At The Front and 1944 Militaria.

- 2 period correct wool blankets are a must for sleeping overnight at an event. Must be either brown or grey and period correct. We strongly recommend the standard issue white with blue/red stripe blankets.

Preferred Vendor

Lederarsenal- BEST boots available!

Wehrmacht Shoes

At The Front - new 2018 “texled” run ONLY

At The Front- “Texled” ONLY

At The Front

Hessen Antique

Kelley’s Military

Gavin Militaria (carries custom option for abnormal sizes, contact A.O. for help)

Hessen Antique


Sportsmans Guide (post war swedish long underwear)


At The Front

Gavin Militaria

Elsenau Militaria- Most preferred option

Gavin Militaria- custom sizing options (get with AO before purchase so we can confirm your correct size)

Sturm- least preferred option

Bill Bureau

Elsenau- Most preferred option

At The Front- Texled only

Sturm- New insignia needed.

Vincent’s Equipment- Makes the BEST leather items. Most preferred option

Continental Militaria- Has the best repro belt buckles and makes excellent belts.

1944 Militaria- Has good belts and buckles

At The Front- Good buckles

Vincent’s Equipment- Has the best leather items.

1944 Militaria

Kelley’s Militaria- sells good leather frogs

Continental Militaria- sells good leather frogs

Ebay, Militaria Shows, etc

At The Front- excellent reproduction

Ebay, Militaria Shows for originals

Replik.ru – good reproduction covers

At The Front- Texled or economy both okay

1944 Militaria

Nastaro- excellent breadbags out of Poland

Sturm (makes good M42)

Schusters (makes best M40)

Kelleys Militaria- sells good issue blankets

At The Front- sells good issue blankets