Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

Tier I Uniform and Equipment Items

The way we have set up the Tier system to work is as follows: 1. Basic Uniform and combat gear load. 2. Extra equipment to finish off combat load as well as Winter gear. 3. Alternate impressions such as the Sports Uniform, Drill Uniform, and Dress Uniform. 

We have designed it this way so that you, the new recruit, can get the absolute essentials first so you can get to the field as soon as possible.

The Tier system follows our main Westfront Impression (1944-1945), the  3./Pz.Gren.Rgt.60./116.Pz.Div. as it is most common event you will attend. The Tiered items in I and II will also work for our late war Ostfront Impression (1943- 1945) as most gear and uniforms were identical on either front.

Uniforms, Headgear, etc.

HELMET (STAHLHELM)- M1935, M1940, M1942… (Original shells only). Single Army decal allowed. Tri- colored decal not allowed. Correct feldgrau paint. Can be flat factory paint, factory paint with texture, or a field repaint. Some members of the unit are also able to restore helmets if you find one on ebay in your size. 

CAPS (FELDMUTZE)- M1943... with correct BeVo trapezoid insignia. 

TUNIC (FELDBLUSE)- M1940, M1942, or M1943 with correct mid-war/ late insignia and panzergrenadier 'grass green' shoulder boards (Bottle green or mid-war field gray)…Tunics are tricky to get right. There are many out there, but few come close. If you can, buy right the first time. It may cost you more but your tunic will either make or break an impression. Tunics from Elsenau Militaria are highly encouraged if you can afford them. Panther Store tunics are encouraged for those on a budget. Lost Battalions tunics are acceptable ONLY if you are 5'6" or shorter due to pattern issues. At The Front's line of tunics that run for $140 are encouraged for those on a budget as they are mostly 'Texled' patterned, just not in the same quality. Refer to Article page on how to find your correct fit. Gavin Militaria and Sturm tunics are allowed when aged and fitted properly.

INSIGNIA - Breast Eagle, Litzen, and Shoulder Boards. Shoulder boards should have grass green Waffenfarbe for the Panzergrenadier. Colors varied a few shades. The most common type of Waffenfarbe ( branch piping) was made from rayon while wool was not as common. (Most vendors carry wool only). GD43 carries a good copy with rayon piping, but make sure On The March sews the buttonholes. 

At The Front and On The March carry a very nice high end breast eagle. Pricey, but good. Bill Bereau also carries very good eagles. Breast eagles will be the 'M40' or 'M43' subdued late war type as that was most common on M42/ M43 factory made Feldblusen. 

At The Front carries an excellent copy of the late war generic mouse gray litzen. This was the most common on M42/ M43 factory made Feldblusen. 

TROUSERS (FELDHOSEN)- Field Gray straight leg trousers or M43 Kielhosen. 

SUSPENDERS (HOSENTRӒGER)- Can be reproductions, originals, civilian types, post war. Really anything goes as long as it is period. Period being 1930’s-1940’s.

SERVICE SHIRT (HEMD)- White collarless early war service shirt or collared shirt with pockets or without.

FOOTWEAR (SCHUHZEUG)- M1937 Low boots (dyed black). Again another item to get right the first time and an item that is hardly reproduced well. If you do not buy the best the first time on anything else, make sure this is the item you do buy the best on. DO NOT BUY any reproduction marked as a Model 42 with a single sole. These are wrong and not acceptable within the unit. 

SOCKS/ FOOT WRAPS (SOCKEN)- Any correct period military style sock or with white rings is okay and any style of post war foot wraps. 

LEGGINGS (GEMASCHEN)- Only gemaschen allowed are from At The Front. They offer original gemaschen that have had new adjustment straps sewn on. If you come in with gemaschen already, they will be subject to inspection by the A.O. like all gear. No West German or Indian/ Chinese made gemaschen allowed. 

German Helmets Inc. (German helmet restoration and vendor)

At The Front (Produces correct restored helmets)

Alexander and Sons (German helmet restoration and vendor)

Elsenau Militaria (Perfect headwear...period)

At The Front ('texled' hats)

Bill Bureau (Carries Janke M43 hats)

Elsenau Militaria (Perfect custom tunics)

Panther Store (Offers custom M42 wool tunics)

Sturm (carried by At The Front, need to be tailored, least preferred option)  

Gavin Militaria (offers custom tunics and trousers)

GD43 (Correct Rayon Piped Shoulder Boards)

At The Front (High end breast eagles and litzen)

Bill Bereau (High end breast eagles and litzen)

On The March (High end breast eagles and litzen)

At The Front (Offers Sturm and texled trousers)

Hessen Antique (Offers Sturm and AntZ trousers)

Hessen Antique 

At The Front

Gavin Militaria

Schuster (Russian website, makes great items)

At The Front

Leder Arsenal (BEST boots available) 

Hessen Antique (Also offer foot wraps)

At The Front (All gemaschen on this page are ok to buy)

Field Gear

EQUIPMENT BELT (KOPPEL) It is suggested that you buy two belts, one for combat and one for your dress impression. MEASURE THE AREA AROUND YOUR NAVEL BEFORE BUYING!

BELT BUCKLE (KOPPELSCHLOSSER)- Pebbled Aluminum or Steel (painted correct feldgrau color), original or reproduction… it is suggested that you buy two buckles, one to keep nice for walking (aluminum) out and one to trash (steel). If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of a belt buckle, ask one of us and we will guide you in the right direction

K98 AMMUNITION POUCHES (PATRONENTASCHEN)- Reproductions only from At The Front (texled type). Originals are not only fragile, but also look 70+ years old.

STRAPS (TRAGEGESTELL) Leather or tropical types. Many reproductions are not correct so please contact us before buying. 

BREADBAG (BROTBEUTEL)- Original or reproduction. Only originals, or correct reproductions from At The Front  are allowed. (Post War bags will be allowed on a case by case instance ONLY). Bags with dividers, leather on button holes, and flat tip ends are not allowed. Tropical bags allowed. 

CANTEEN (FELDFLASCHEN) Includes: STRAP, COVER, FLASK, and METAL OR BAKELITE CUP- Original or reproductions. It is suggested that you purchase an original cover, original/repro cup, repro straps, and original/post war flask. Original leather (especially on canteen straps) is extremely brittle and WILL fall apart on you during battles. Post war BW, BGS metal cups are allowed if painted correct color.

MESS KIT (KOCHGESCHIRR) - Original only.

GAS CANISTER (TRAGEBUSCHE)- Original or Post War. (Reproductions NOT allowed.) Must be painted correct color and not appear to be 65+ years old. If using a Post War can, any post war markings on exterior must be removed (usually they will have the makers name ‘Auer’ embossed on the top part of the canister. Can be easily removed with Dremmel tool. 

SHOVEL (SCHANZZEUG/ KLAPPSPATEN)- Original or post war (exact copies only) flat shovels or folding shovels. 

SHOVEL COVER- Straight or folding shovel cover.

BAYONET (SEITENGEWEHR)- Original or reproduction. Clean originals preferred… again we can’t be looking like we just stepped out of the dump. Bakelite or Wooden handles.

BAYONET FROG (SEITENGEWEHRTASCHE)- Dismounted or mounted, does not especially matter. 

MESS KIT STRAP- Original, Post War, or Reproduction. Leather or tropical type. Originals and post war variants can be found more often than not. Reproductions are done well too. Make sure any originals or post war straps have strong leather.

GREATCOAT STRAPS/ EQUIPMENT STRAPS (3)- Original or Reproduction. Leather type. The Greatcoat straps differ from the equipment straps due to a different number of holes and the greatcoat strap has a quick release strap. You will need three of these straps for when/ if an A-frame is ever purchased. Also it is just handy to have a few of them around to secure different items (if you choose to) to your equipment belt or Y-straps.

Vit Zemanek (Makes the best belts)

At The Front 

Vit Zemanek  (Excellent Aluminum reproductions)

At The Front (Excellent Steel reproductions)

At The Front (Best reproduction pouches)

At The Front (tropical texled)/ Leather

Contact us to get straps from Czech maker

At The Front (Best reproduction bags- Texled)

At The Front (One step below texled)

Schuster (Pretty good bags)

Vit Zemanek (For almost all canteen needs-also have covers)

At The Front (For almost all canteen needs)

Check on Ebay, Militaria shows, and at Reenactments

At The Front (Original Cans)

(or) Check on Ebay, Militaria shows, and at Reenactments 

Check on Ebay, Militaria shows, and at Reenactments  

At The Front

Vit Zemanek

At The Front (For reproduction bayonet)

(or) Check on Ebay, Militaria shows, and at Reenactments 

Vit Zemanek 

At The Front

1944 Militaria


At The Front

1944 Militaria

At The Front (Original straps- best repro straps available)