Kampfgruppe Steiner

A multi-impression Heer unit representing the German soldat in WWII

About Us

   Kampfgruppe Steiner was formed in 2012 in the hopes that it could become the first German unit in the Southwest to be recognized solely by the dedication of its members towards an authentic representation of the average German soldier in World War II through extremely accurate impressions, drill, tactics, and much more. 

   The Kampfgruppe Steiner Living History Group reenacts the period from 1939-1945 with the utmost care and respect for those who lost their lives in the great tragedy that was World War II. We exist to honor the memory of those who would otherwise be forgotten by history, the average German soldier.  By recreating an average German soldier's life we accurately preserve their legacy. We focus on their uniforms, equipment, food and music, not their nation's political sentiments. Ask any soldier from any army across time; they could care less about politicians, and more about home, friends and eventual peace.

Our Policy on Reenacting

   We are not your typical reenacting organization. As of Spring 2015, we have only been in existence for two and a half years and we have already met and exceeded all standards in reenacting in the Southwest. We have received countless compliments and praise from units around us, from other states in the U.S., and in other countries around the world. 

   To get to the spot that we are currently at, we sat down and came up with a completely new way of thinking about reenacting. Instead of putting on uniforms once a month to go 'pop blanks' as it is commonly known, we decided that it would be a more worthwhile endeavor to be a group that went past what 95% of other reenactors do and actually 'live history'. 

   To do this and to ensure that we are able to portray the average Soldat as accurately as possible, we research in depth about their training, equipment, daily lives, and combat experiences. When possible, our information comes from original manuals translated to English and from primary sources such as interviews, original OKW orders, etc.

   We are also not a unit that sticks to one impression for every single type of event. We are able to fit in to the time period the event proposes. Being a generic unit, we are able to go to any theater or period and still fit in as to what a basic infantry/grenadier/ or panzergrenadier unit would look like. 

Unit Policies and Regulations

Units We Portray- Divisional and Regimental Histories

Annexation and Poland


France, Belgium, and Russia til surrender



Normandy til surrender